May 9, 2012

Tuas (9 May 2012)

The morning started off with a bit a drizzle and I was still wondering if the monitoring could still continue. It was then that my brave volunteers gave me a thumbs up and off we go on our monitoring journey. Great Job Guys!
The midnight rain caused the rocks to be very very wet and slippery and we took some time to get down to the shore but the good thing was it was a nice cool morning. All the members were new today so I had to give a short briefing before the start of it.

The HO are growing well in the Tuas region and some patches have these fat and "juicy" looking sea grasses. I should have taken a photo!!

But the interesting part came, the red starfish that I had not seen for about a year appeared! just when a colleague and I were walking and talking about starfish slighting at tuas...I sure miss this starfish...
Before we left the shore, we saw something in the sand but we were still unable to make out what it was but i guess it was a horseshoe crab?
Till the next monitoring...

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