Jun 15, 2012

TeamSeagrass featured in new edition of Semakau Book

TeamSeagrass is featured in second edition of the Habitats In Harmony which was launched last week.

As well as lots of photos and stories about the magnificent seagrass meadows on Pulau Semakau which stretches for kilometers and is home to all kinds of plants and animals.

The new book is packed with stunning photos and lots of interesting information!
The most exciting additions to this edition are the marvellous dive shots taken by Jimmy and his dive team. The awesome red sea star is one of the 133 new additions to the Pulau Semakau checklist.
In fact, the dive team added many new sightings for the book, and provided glorious photos too! Here's a bit about the dive team.
This edition includes lots of new photos and more information as well as 133 additions to the biodiversity checklist for a total of more than 1,300 species recorded for Pulau Semakau!
At the same time that the book was launched, there was news that the big lagoon in the landfill will be partitioned and used for depositing the ash from our incinerators. The landfill is fast filling up! Although it is expected to meet Singapore's needs until 2024, if we want to avoid expanding the landfill further after that, which would destroy the seagrasses and other marine life on Pulau Semakau, we need to intensify efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle!

The second edition of Habitats In Harmony is sold at $24.90 at the National Environment Agency's customer service centre on level two of the Environment Building in Scotts Road. I believe you can also buy a copy at the Semakau Landfill if you happen to go there for a tour.

More about the book and the field trips made for the Semakau book.

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