Jun 25, 2012

Singapore's dugongs featured in the Seagrass-Watch magazine!

Singapore has dugongs! There are signs of them on many of our seagrass meadows, from Chek Jawa to Cyrene Reef and more!
Wei Ling is looking at a dugong feeding trail at Chek Jawa,
seen during TeamSeagrass' first monitoring session.
Recent signs of dugongs in Singapore since 2007 to just a few months ago are featured in the mammoth issue of the Seagrass-Watch magazine a double cover, flipped edition, Issue 45 + 46 June 2012 which features Dugongs and Manatees!

I'm delighted that Len's awesome photo of dugong feeding trails at our very own submerged reefs are included in the magazine. Like this one at Terumbu Pempang Laut which is just off the major refineries at Pulau Bukom, producing a large cloud of emissions. Len and Rudi visited here last month and immediately spotted these trails when we first arrived.
Also his photos of dugong feeding trails at Cyrene Reef which  lies in the middle of the industrial triangle and yet has rich seagrass meadows and marvelous marine life. Siti first spotted dugong feeding trails here, and we saw them again when Len and Rudi visited last month.
There's lots and lots more about dugongs in this fabulous issue of the Seagrass-Watch magazine.
Find out whether dugongs are fussy eaters...
Learn more about dugongs and some of the threats to them. Also a handy sheet on how to tell dugongs from manatees. They are quite different animals that are naturally found in different parts of the world.
To read more, download the June 2012 issue of the Seagrass-Watch magazine!

Want to see dugong feeding trails on Singapore shores? Join TeamSeagrass!

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