Aug 31, 2012

Siti shares about seagrasses at Green Drinks

Last night, Siti shared about our awesome seagrasses!
She spoke at Green Drinks, a monthly gathering organised by the tireless Olivia Choong.

Siti covered all the important aspects of seagrasses, from their role to threats that they face. My favourite slide is this series of photos taken of all kinds of seagrasses and seagrass life found in many different parts of the world. These are from the World Seagrass Association blog that Siti runs. Have a look at the blog for a glimpse of the amazing work being done for seagrasses around the world!
Siti also shared more about the work she and her colleagues have been doing for seagrasses in Singapore. I learnt that seagrasses in our region are not as well studied as those in temperate countries. So there is a lot more to do for our seagrasses!
Of course Siti spent some time sharing about the work done by the volunteers of TeamSeagrass. We've done much since we first started in 2007!
TeamSeagrass has also been involved in a wide range of outreach work through all the years!
Working hard throughout the session were Ivan and Gladys, both TeamSeagrass members, tweeting about the talk. More about this on Ivan's blog which has a Storify compilation of their tweets. Thanks Ivan and Gladys!
After the talk, there was a lively Q&A and some participants came up to tell Siti they never knew about seagrasses before her talk. Bravo!

More about how ordinary people can join TeamSeagrass.

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