Jun 9, 2013

TeamSeagrass Training Level 1, Day 2 (9 Jun 2013)

Dr Len McKenzie and Rudi Yoshida of Seagrass-Watch conducted the second session of Level 1 training for TeamSeagrass today.
Len makes it fun to learn about seagrasses! Doing group work to think through some of the issues. Here's the winners at listing and ranking the importance of seagrasses.

The youngest Team members are also winners at listing and ranking the key threats to seagrasses.
There are mini-tests after each topic to make sure we remember the key points.
Some of the tests do make us think deeply about the answers.
Another class exercise involved evaluating photos taken to check for seagrass coverage. This exercise brought home the point of the importance of taking photos properly. Otherwise, they cannot be used to audit the results.
We also enjoyed a fabulous lunch! I was too busy eating it to take a photo, but Johnson Ong took a nice one.
Photo by Johnson Ong.
Lots of thanks to Rachel, Wei Ling and of course Len and Rudi for making this first series of training possible. We look forward to the next sessions: field training and Level 2!
I've tweeted some of the interesting points raised during the session, these are consolidated below. Of course, Len shared lots more and covered many other issues in great detail. Thank you Len and Rudi!

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