Jun 14, 2013

Video clip of talk on "Singapore’s Underwater Meadows" by Dr. Len McKenzie

Thanks to Andy Dinesh, here's the video of the great introduction to seagrasses by Dr Len McKenzie of international Seagrass-Watch.
Why are seagrasses important? How does monitoring seagrass help protect marine ecosystems? And lots more!

Singapore's underwater meadows - Len McKenzie from SgBeachBum on Vimeo.

After the talk it was great to be able to introduce Len to some young students from Raffles Institution who are doing some work on Cyrene Reef under the able guidance of Tan Sijie. Bravo!
Well after the talk, the core coordinating team sat down with Len and Rudi. It's a rare opportunity to discuss with the Seagrass Gurus on how TeamSeagrass can be improved. Although Siti is far far away in Europe finishing her seagrass studies, she joined us via Google Hangout! 

Ivan Kwan also kindly consolidated the live-tweets during the talk by Gladys Chua and myself into this storify.

More TeamSeagrass training ahead this weekend!

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