Sep 30, 2013

New email for submission of TeamSeagrass Quadrat Photos

This is a reminder, for those of you who haven't been submitting quadrat photos and for those of you who haven't heard. We have a new address to which you should send all future Quadrat Photos from your monitoring.

This address is teamseagrass.quadratphotos [at]

Please put the Monitoring Site and Date (day/month/year) in your subject heading, so it's easier for us to file.

As usual, the correct method of labeling your quadrat photo is: 

[Site Code][Site No.][Transect No.]_[Meter Mark]_[Date:dd/mm/yy]

So for example, the 25m mark at Pulau Semakau, Site 2, Transect 3 on 24th
Nov 2007 is labeled like so:


As far as possible, try to keep file sizes to around 2MB max at a resolution of between 200-300dpi so we can zoom in to look at the grasses when needed. You can keep the photo uncropped so we can zoom in to check the meter mark on the transect tape if need be.

This is also a timely reminder to SUBMIT your photos if you haven't already. We are accepting backlog photos from since the beginning of TeamSeagrass monitoring as long as you label with the the monitoring date. All late submissions welcome and culprits will be forgiven(ish). :) 

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