Apr 24, 2008

Sentosa (24 Apr 08)

Yes, Sentosa has seagrasses! And a small team of dedicated seagrassers were out this morning to do a quick check-up on one of Sentosa's last remaining natural shores.

We were a little late starting off, so we rushed out to get the job done as the tide was already starting to come in. And I entirely forgot to take photos of the team in action...sigh.

The seagrasses were doing quite well with very VERY long Tape seagrass that required doubling up the ruler to measure, and tiny Spoon seagrasses.

After the work is done, we have a quick look around at the shore.

Our corals are expected to mass spawn tonight or over the next few days. So we had a very close look at the hard corals on the shores to see if they were up to any hanky panky. More about what we saw on the wildfilms blog.

Unfortunately, our little expedition is cut short as a storm front develops right before our eyes!
and we hurry back before the heavens opened up.Thanks to all who came for the early morning, rescheduled trip, despite having to rush back to work afterwards: Kenerf, Ley Kun, Vyna, Wilson and of course Shufen and Siti were there too!

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