Apr 10, 2008

Tuas with Schering Plough Updates (9 Apr 08)

After putting on their Phua Chu Kang boots, the team from Schering-Plough were good to go with our extremely cute collapsible transect squares!

As we were randomly placing our transect squares on various spots on the shore, we saw plenty of snails, as well as a few species of crabs, including the flower and hairy crab species.

Along the way, almost camouflaged in the sand, was this marine worm. While none too pretty, it is nevertheless new to many of us.

There were plenty of snails in our transects, as well as hermit crabs. We almost didn’t spot these pair of moon snails as they were half buried in the sand, but a pair of keen eyes unearthed these beauties.

The observant Martin spotted this mystery creature. No one could quite figure out what it was – maybe one of the Team Seagrassers reading this can help us out.

Plenty of these sea cucumbers on the shore today at Tuas.

A pity that the team from Schering-Plough had to go in soon after the monitoring was done to start their work day. They missed this vibrant red cake sea star (doesn’t it look like a cuddly cushion with embroidery at its edges?), a couple of file fishes, sea cucumbers and many more crabs!

But hey, there will always be more to see the next time around!

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