Apr 9, 2008

Tuas with Schering Plough (9 Apr 08)

Another bright and early morning today, this time at Tuas with TeamSeagrass volunteers from Schering Plough.

Led by the ever energetic Sheryl, the team got a quick briefing.It was a tad early in the morning, but the team still valiantly gave a hearty hello for the group photo.Meanwhile, I headed off to check out the beacon area, the first time in more than a year. More about what I saw on the wildfilms blog.

Vyna and Andy came by to help out the teams. Hopefully Vyna will upload more photos of what the team did and saw.

I thought the volunteers would head to where I was so we could share this marvelous shore with them. But alas, they had to go back to work and I missed saying goodbye to them.

Thanks to all Schering Plough volunteers for helping out today: Sheryl Tay, Yeo, Lay Tin, Tanabalan Umah Mageswari, Teoh Cheng Hoe, Evelyn Ong, Richard Ng, Ong Lay Har, Chan Yuet Leng.

And to Vyna and Andy for coming by to support the effort.

Tomorrow, another trip to a fabulous shore to check out the seagrasses there!

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