Oct 30, 2008

2009 monitoring dates!

The tide tables are out and we've decided on our trips for next year. We've slotted the trips to Chek Jawa and Pulau Semakau on weekends, but Sentosa dates are on weekdays.

10 Jan (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ-01)1400-1900hrs
12 Jan (Mon): Sentosa (SN-01) 1630-1930hrs
7 Feb (Sat): Pulau Semakau (PS-01) 1400-2000hrs
29 Mar (Sun): Chek Jawa (CJ-02) 0600-1000hrs
1 Apr (Wed): Sentosa (SN-02) 0700-1000hrs
1 May (Fri) (public holiday): Pulau Semakau (PS-02) 0700hrs-12noon
10 Jun (Wed): Sentosa (SN-03) 0600-0900hrs
27 Jun (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ-03) 0700hrs-12noon
26 Jul (Sun): Pulau Semakau (PS-03) 0700hrs-12noon
21 Aug (Fri): Sentosa (SN-04) 0600-0800hrs
23 Aug (Sun): Chek Jawa (CJ-04) 0600-1000hrs
18 Oct (Sun): Pulau Semakau (PS-04) 1500-2000hrs

Timing is an estimate, to be confirmed closer to the date (depends on transportation time etc)

These dates have also been updated on the FAQs.

Those already on the team can sign up for these dates on the teamseagrass yahoo group.

Not yet a member? To join the team, simply send the following details
(a) your full name
(b) your age
(c) your email address
(d) your contact number
(e) any previous experience
to Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com, please put "TeamSeagrass" in your subject header.

See you at these monitoring trips!

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