Oct 1, 2008

Cyrene Reef, new seagrass record for Singapore and more!

The latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter is out! And as usual, it's packed with lots of wonderful updates.Siti shares about our exploits with a focus on Cyrene Reefs. And highlights the new record of Halophila decipiens in our waters! She shared more about it during our recent Orientation.Seagrass-Watch shares more about their new activity books, which are really marvellous fun. Wei Ling made copies for those who attended the Orientation. You can download these and other educational materials from the Seagrass-Watch website.

Besides lots of updates from Australia, there were also updates from some exotic seagrass meadows.Like Kuwait,The Maldives,And Papua in Indonesia! Our work at TeamSeagrass contributes to a global effort to understand and protect seagrasses everywhere!There's also a whole section about sea cucumbers, those curious creatures we often encounter on our seagrass meadows too.

Download the PDF of the Seagrass-Watch newsletter to read the full articles!

You can join TeamSeagrass any time of the year. Although we only have Orientation once a year, you can easily learn on-the-job when you join us. More about how to join the Team.

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